What is the PathfinderZa Sensor

PATHFINDERZA™ is one of the world leader in expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable security and protection. Developed by PathfinderZA™, PathfinderZA™ technology builds upon the proven success of its predecessor, Expendable Unattended Ground Sensor (EUGS), during recent lessons learned and specific user recommended solutions, making Our sencor one the most cutting edge, footstep, intrusion detection sensor on the market.


The EUGS sensors, by design, capture human foot traffic…therefore their performance is contingent on how well you understand your threat. For any threat to be successful, they must be able to move at will. Therefore the more you know about how the threat operates, his movement patterns, the techniques he employs and under what conditions he employs them, the more information it will provide regarding his patterns and intent.
The reasoning behind development strategy is simple. To be successful, threats require two things…surprise and maneuver. PathfinderZA™ eliminates both by covertly detecting, identifying, and monitoring threat activities, movement patterns, route networks, and key locations to infer his intent BEFORE he’s able to cause damage or inflict harm. By covertly monitoring the threat’s activity network, PathfinderZA™ users can choose when and where to interdict the threat, making it appear as ‘chance contact’, thus keeping the threat’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) intact and giving him no indication that his activities, behavior, or tactics have been compromised.

WHY PathfinderZA™ WORKS

The next generation sensor  incorporates a number of improvements and advantages over its predecessor, EUGS. Improvements include but are not limited to: extended battery life (24 months); intelligent, machine learning algorithms; improved signal processing resulting in greater probability of detection and reduced false alarms; and the addition of a small mini receiver specifically designed for mobile, dismounted operations.